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The national market supervision administration: food workshops to all registered supervision

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Live interview

2017 96 of the national rum ended in Chengdu
Interview with the general manager of a Beijing Food Group Co Ltd Li Qi
Interview with the general manager of Kweichow Moutai winery wine limited liability company Zhong Fangda
In an interview with the Hunan Wuling Wine Group Chairman Pu Wenli
In an interview with the vice president Du Junfu Shuanghui development
In an interview with the chairman of Tibet's Refco Group Ltd of Dawa Dhondup

Nutrition knowledge hall

Prevention of cardiovascular disease to eat it, eat it anti tumor! What fruit is so magical
It can complement immunity, strong bones...... Supplementary method also affordable
There are 5 major benefits of soybean isoflavone content on the human body what food?
Why can eat fresh Vegetable & Fruit antitumor......? Because of it ""!
Potato food benefits, how to eat more healthy?
North South Chunbing PK Spring rolls, you love to eat what kind of?
Soil VS egg egg, which is better? How to choose?
Eat spinach can anti-oxidation and anti-tumor what can fill iron?
A vegetarian regimen? Did not expect to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
The fatty liver, the dietary nutrition should be adjusted from these five aspects.