Sweet fruit is not necessarily high in calories

China registered dietitian Liu Jing

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In the eyes of many people, the fruit is sweet that sugar content is high, the heat is also higher. However, judging whether the sugar content of fruit is high, can not rely on the mouth to taste sweetness, because many times.

Fruit in common including sugar fructose and glucose, sucrose and starch, four different sweetness, the sweetness of fructose highest sucrose and glucose lowest starch almost no taste. Fructose sweetness is about 2.4 times of glucose. So, what fruit is sweet, not only to contain much sugar, the most important is what is inside the sugar, and sugar ratio. For example, eat sweet watermelon sugar content of only 6.2%, because of the high proportion of fructose, and eat no apple sweet watermelon sugar content reached 10%.

Some fruit tastes sweet, in fact, the sugar content of not more than 10% calories per 100 grams of not more than 36 thousand cards, such as watermelon, papaya, strawberry, apricot. Some fruit to eat less sweet, even very sour, but a lot of sugar, such as pitaya, hawthorn, ginseng fruit and passionfruit. Especially the hawthorn, obviously tastes sour, but more than 20% per 100 grams of sugar, a whopping 95 thousand calories. Some fruit is very real, not to deceive the taste buds, tastes sweet, heat is also high. For example, ripe cherry, pineapple, guava, mango, sugar for 10%~14%, persimmon, jujube, litchi, durian, jackfruit, sugarcane, bananas, sugar content is higher than 15%.

To control the amount of fruit, 300 grams per day, so it helps to control weight and blood sugar. 3

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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