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"Steam", is one of the earliest cooking methods Chinese invention, can be traced back to 10 thousand years ago Chinese period. China is known as "food steaming" said. Steamed meat is not only suitable for a variety of ingredients, collocation also has rich taste and the myriads of changes.

"Steam" for rice dishes, food and snacks. From the initial "Valley steamed rice" development, and the emergence of row steaming, steaming with wine, sugar, steamed steamed, steaming, steaming, steaming and frying powder. General requirements for fire, water vapor, varying lengths of time. Because it is not in the soup stewed for a long time, so the nutrients in food preservation is good. In addition, steamed food is more soft rotten, helps digestion, especially suitable for digestion is not good for human consumption. Therefore, from a nutritional perspective, steaming is a very healthy cooking method. Here we introduce several classes for steaming food.

Aquatic products, such as fish, crab, etc. is very suitable for steamed Scallop in Shell. The steam can keep the natural flavor of the food, so it can also test the freshness of food. Steamed can maximize the retention of nutrients in food, and in the process of cooking but add seasonings, edible when the body is not a lot of burden.

Potato, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, taro is also suitable for steaming. The carbohydrate content of potato in about 25%, protein, fat content is low, can replace Steamed Rice as staple food. Research shows that the increase of potato intake can reduce the risk of constipation. The steamed potato is easy to carry, convenient to the people.

Vegetables, mix the above powder after the pot boiling, seasoning serve. For example, potatoes, carrots, radish and strip quality tender green leafy vegetables, can eat steamed. Can not only meet the diversity of diet food, steamed with flour can be changed into grains, increase the intake of coarse grains.

Nourishing medicinal materials, general and famous table delicacies from land and sea as raw material, using steam (steam sealing package) way. A dish of food, nutrition is not lost, this is the main characteristics of the steam cooking bag.

Making steamed vegetables, need to pay attention to the following points: first, the volume of food is not too large, otherwise the steaming time is too long, the decomposition of vitamin C will increase. Second, the high fat content of animal foods, salted products are not suitable for steaming. Fat and nitrite in food cannot be removed by steam, still exist in food. Third, the texture of dry ingredients are not suitable for steam, such as Dichotomanthes etc.. Fourth, according to the different ingredients, steamed cooked, divided into fire, Menghuo steamed steamed and simmered steamed in three. The delicious taste of the raw materials for quick steaming stir in boiling water, such as fish, time is 15 minutes; the old coarse texture, require steaming Sulan raw materials should be used in the fire boiling water long time steaming, such as fried duck, steamed pork with rice flour; raw fresh dishes, such as eggs should be used in the small fire slowly steaming. The fifth most important green leafy vegetables, steamed is to control the time. Put the dishes in the dish, try to pave some steam into the steamer to contact the saic. According to the amount of food, adjust the size of the fire, steaming time, generally 2~5 minutes. The key is to take out before the color yellow, the color can still remain green. 3

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