Eyes love three kinds of food: orange, purple, green food

Fan Zhihong, associate professor of food science and Nutritional Engineering China Agricultural University

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In today's society, in the face of the eyes "temptation" too much, the problem with modern people is not only the problem of myopia, dry eyes, fatigue, congestion and other discomfort often came to the door. To ease the discomfort, in addition to pay attention to eye health, often participate in outdoor activities, but also to find ways to consume the nutrients up, let the eyes of cells to be maintained.

What nutrients are vital to the health of the eye. First, lutein and zeaxanthin, they can absorb harmful ultraviolet light and short wave, and capture dangerous free radicals, which can help the eye aging. Second, vitamin A, is responsible for the dark vision and visual acuity and change of vital nutrients. Carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, are also a good source of the. Third, anthocyanins, can increase the ocular fundus microcirculation blood flow, accelerate metabolism exchange and enhance the protective effects on capillary. Fourth, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. Vitamin B2 is known as the "beauty vitamin", if the lack of eyes will often be afraid of light, tears, eyes bloodshot; vitamin B6 can also help alleviate eye fatigue; vitamin C, vitamin E has anti-oxidation effect. Fifth, calcium and zinc, pulling the eye muscles need to rotate, while calcium and muscle flexibility is closely related, zinc is the active factor of many enzymes, insufficient intake will lead to decreased visual acuity.

Interestingly, these "eye nutrients are found in natural colored food. Especially the following 3 kind of food, especially love eyes suggest that you eat.

Orange food. Yellow corn, millet, millet, yellow food, rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene; mango, papaya, orange, pumpkin and orange fruits and vegetables, rich in carotene and vitamin C; egg yolk is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, also contains vitamin B2 and vitamin A, is beneficial to protect the eyes. Grand recommended eye food is Chinese wolfberry, it is the most abundant natural food containing zeaxanthin, also rich in carotene. When cooking porridge can put points, just use it to make tea, in fact, is not the best choice, because zeaxanthin and beta carotene are not soluble in water, be sure to put it down to absorb jiaolan.

Purple food. Whole grains beans, black rice, purple red rice, red beans, black beans, red purple, not only rich in anthocyanins, vitamin E, and vitamin B eye fatigue required. Purple cabbage, red amaranth, laver moss, blueberries, blackcurrant, cherry, mulberry, strawberry and other red fruits and vegetables, containing anthocyanin and vitamin C.

Green food. Spinach, rape, cabbage and other dark green leafy vegetables, contain large amounts of lutein, carotene and vitamin C. At present the determination of spinach, dark green leafy vegetables in the highest content of lutein. 3

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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