Longan Huangqi Boiled Egg Yang

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In the city, many people have a spare life, usually contact sunshine few opportunities, can not stimulate yang. Some day to stay in air-conditioned room, the heavier body. Here, recommend a diet, can make yang.

Take an egg 3, longan meat 15 grams, 30 grams of astragalus; material wash, put guiyuanrou and Huangqi into the pot, add water to boil for 30 minutes; another pot add water boiled egg, and then pulling off the shell, then add guiyuanrou and Astragalus tea, drink tea and eat eggs for 10 minutes. Square, longan meat Gan Wen Ping, high iron content, can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, spleen, Qi and blood, with heart, spleen and stomach muscles effect; Astragalus sweet tepid, with Buzhong effect; egg sweet nature, can be nourishing yin and nourishing, rich in nutrition. Several kinds of common, Qi and blood, enhance nutrition, warm heart, especially suitable for cold weather, lack of blood food groups, as well as public health food. To drink milk to diarrhea, or there are reluctant to lose weight demand of white rice intake of high carbohydrate diet group, this is also a good choice. Note that the damp constitution shensi.

Yang loss in exercise should also pay attention to, the best in the sun more mild morning exercise; self feeling degree, is not confined to the time and frequency; work, can use the rest time, stretch the body, in the window of the sun, also fill Yang effect.

(commissioning editor Li Yiqun and Yang Di)

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