High blood sugar, eat big yellow rice

Registered dietitian Chen Ran @ China

In December 2018 06, 08:47 source: 138479.xyz - life times

Millet is one of the oldest crops in China, known as "glutinous millet", is what we often say that the big yellow rice, non glutinous millet is called "". The nutritional value of millet millet and similar, while vitamin B is more abundant. In addition, millet is the biggest characteristic of health satiety is very strong, very suitable for dieters to eat. "Thirty of the forty naked oats, yellow rice cake, it is yellow rice is very resistant to hunger, people eat do not feel hungry after the tramp over mountains and through ravines, a lot of food than. However, due to the large yellow blood sugar increased rapidly, so the diabetes patients should choose the non glutinous millet (millet meters) food, so that blood sugar more stable.

(commissioning editor Li Yiqun and Yang Di)

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