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In the face of a pile of delicacy but no appetite? Careful not to eat or eat greasy food digestion, stomach? Try the Chinese "Xiaoshi sambo".

The chicken. For dry chicken gizzard gizzard wall, records of TCM classics "Chinese Materia Medica": "the chicken is sweet, flat, into the spleen, stomach, small intestine, bladder, spleen and stomach, promote digestion, Jianweixiaoshi medicine. The chicken food contact layer, also is the first to digest the food "striker", from the perspective of modern medicine, the chemical composition containing gastrointestinal hormone, keratin, can jianweixiaoshi. So the digestive function is not good, can eat some chicken, enhance the digestive function. To lead with drinking after digestion, is also a good medicine taste chicken. Recommended 10 grams chicken powder, fried soup, day three.

The divine comedy. The divine comedy is a kind of special form of Jianweixiaoshi, drug composition of Artemisia annua, flour, red bean, Xanthium sibiricum, Polygonum hydropiper (Li million o), almonds, add flour or bran after mixing, the fermentation agent by Qu. For six kinds of Divine Comedy form medicine represent six kinds of ancient animal: dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, Xuanwu, snake, Gou Chen, six taste one, also known as Liushen Qu. The composition of volatile oils, glycosides, fatty oil and vitamin B, and produced a large number of biological enzyme divine fermentation, spleen and stomach, promote digestion. The divine comedy is mainly used to treat at night because of eating too much lead to indigestion, and spleen Nuanwei effect. Desirable in patients with focal Hawthorn 10 grams, 8 grams of water to cook after the Divine Comedy, warm clothes, a daily agent. However, the "spleen deficiency, stomach Sheng should not be used, because" the Divine Comedy "can calve", pregnant women should not use it to treat indigestion.

Coke hawthorn. Many patients often ask: fresh hawthorn is to stimulate the stomach? What is the difference between Chaojiao hawthorn hawthorn with the general? Many fresh hawthorn for blood circulation and relieve pain, is used for coke Hawthorn Xiaoshi daozhi. Chinese medicine, fried hawthorn acid reduced, coke taste enhancement, can be used for carnivorous malnutrion, epigastric fullness, abdominal pain and diarrhea. When eating with brown sugar or malt, decocted in water or with can, can improve the taste, but also can enhance the effect of. But beware, not all are suitable food coke hawthorn. Crataegus not just fill, so the spleen and stomach, hyperacidity and other digestive diseases, and during the taking tonic medicines are prescribed.

(commissioning editor Li Yiqun and Yang Di)

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